Dan Lowther

#63M "In Front Racing"

August 20 2011

 The In Front Motor Sports #63 Late Model sponsored by Bud, Specialty Paint Works, and Fire Snacks had an amazing weekend.

We got to the track early to get an early practice and first time out coming out of turn 2 the car started sounding funny Dan shut the motor off and coasted in to the pits. After checking the motor We realized A push rod was bent and a rocker was broke thank goodness for spares. (Not a good way to start the day)


For the first practice session the car was fast and handling great Dan turned a 14.281 to put him second on the board.

Second practice session we made two little adjustments and the car was even faster Dan turned a 14.079   (fastest he has turned this year)

After sign in and the pit meeting we find out that instead of doing heat races we will have two 25 lap mains. So know we are getting ready to qualify. Little tire adjustments made and we are ready to go.

Dan's first lap he doesn't even get on the gas hard coming out of the pits still a little worried about the motor. The lap looked flawless coming out of turn 4 still looks great and a lap time of 13.914 pops on the board putting Dan in 1st place. Dan was to exited about the first lap time that he really messed up his second lap but if he hadn't he could have broke the track record. We were ecstatic Someone even said (we looked like a bunch of high school girls) It was so exiting.


For the first main Dan started at the back of the field. He was pushing his car to the limit picking them off 1 by 1 and  crossed the finish line in 4th place.

The second main is a whole different story. The car was so good in the first main we decided not to change a thing for the second main. Then just before Dan went out we made a little adjustment to the stagger.

One again Dan started toward the back of the field and he was on a mission his car was a rocket ship. He was passing cars left and right and made his way to 2nd place, pushing his car even harder he jumped to the outside of # 66 who was in first. They had a good clean battle back and forth for the lead. Dan tried everything he could think of to get around the #66 pushing him self and his car as hard as he could go but in the end #66 held him off. We took the checkered flag in 2nd place and it felt great to finally qualify quick time and have an amazing finish. (Awesome job babe you drove you heart out and it was a blast to watch)  

After the race Dan said "he could taste the win". We all wanted it bad.

We want to thank Bill for his hard work on the car and the support, and Bud we wish you could have been there. Thanks to all the fans for cheering us on. our next race is September 3rd and 4th hope to see you all there.

 Also this weekend August 27th is the Jeff Russell road to recovery race we need to pack the stands for Jeff and show him how much we care, miss him, and want him back out here.

See u all soon.                         Thanks Rhonda


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