Dan Lowther

#63M "In Front Racing"

September 3 2011

It was an amazing final weekend for the In Front Motor Sports #63 late model sponsored by Fire Snacks, Bud, and Specialty Paint Works. We started out with practice the car good but needed adjustments, the second practice the car was better.

Getting ready for qualifying we made so adjustments and the car was not good Dan ended up qualifying 8th out of 13.


Next we had three 33 lap main  events, The first main Dan started 3rd row inside and just before the main started Dan had to pull in and Scott walker had to adjust a rocker that had backed off. (Thanks walker)

 They got the green flag and Dan was on the gas. he picked cars off 1 by 1 and moved up to second place. Then making his move he went to the outside of 1st place and almost had him cleared but they bumped together causing one guy to lose it and that brought out a yellow so they both went to the back.

With only 10 laps to go Dan just hung out at the back saving his car for the next main.

Getting ready for number two we only made little changes. Dan started 3rd row inside again and just before the green flag Dan had to pull in the pits and Scott Walker had to adjust a rocker that had backed off. (Thanks walker). After the green flag Dan  was blocked in for a while After many yellows Dan found him self in third place. First and second were battling pretty hard and 1st place hit 2nd place causing him to spin and putting first to the back of the field handing Dan 1st place with 13 laps to go. Starting single file Dan would get a good  start and would pull away and another yellow would come out. There were probably 5 yellows in 8 laps. On the last lap Dan was still in the lead pushing his car hard, when he looks in the mirror and sees 3rd place go to the outside of 2nd place and he is moving.

Dan won the his 1st ever late model main event by 1 foot.

It was the most nail bitting last lap we have ever ran. And the best feeling you can have to watch a great driver win after so many good hard years in the late model class.  Dan is a great driver and really showed it to night. Great job honey you made us all proud to be a part of your crew.

The third and final race of the night Dan had to park the car after three laps due to a blown motor. But thanks to Jeff Wilson he is lending us his back up motor for Sunday. Saturday night after the races we started getting the car ready for the motor to be taken out.

Sunday morning we got to the track at 8 am and began pulling the motor by 10 am the new motor was in and ready to fire by noon.

Dan did a few practice laps and the car was good.

Now getting ready for practice we had to make some adjustments to the nose of the car since we put  in a heavier motor. First practice the car was bad lose since the sway bar broke. we got that fixed and went out for second practice and the car was even worse. For qualifying we made some big changes and the car was still very bad but Dan still turned a 14.068 putting him 5th out of 10. (great job)

For the A heat Dan started on the pole but the set up was still very bad and Dan fell back to 4th.

In the main Dan started 3rd row inside and was stuck  after a few laps They got a caution and Dan had to pull in to cool the car down. He went back out and the car got hot again with 10 laps to go and Dan decided to park the car. Not wanting to risk hurting another motor.

We are sad its over but Over all we had a great year finishing 5th in points 1 main event win a couple A heat wins. We would like to thank Terry Lydell for helping with the motor change. Bill thanks for being such a great help this year hope to have you next year. Bud special thanks to you if we didn't have you we wouldn't have won a race and finished where we did. Thanks to all the other people who helped us through the year we really appreciate it.

Our next and final race is September 30th, October 1st, and 2nd in Yakima Washington. We cant wait till its here. Thanks for the help everyone.                       See you soon


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