Dan Lowther

#63M "In Front Racing"

June 15 2011

The Infront motor sports #63 sponsored by Specialty Paint Works, Fire Snacks, Bud and Tracy had a bad start to the day on Wednesday we got to the track real earlier to get a few laps in after putting in a new motor. After about 4 laps one of the lifters came apart and bent 2 push rods. We were pretty up set thinking we were done once again after last race losing a motor.


Dan and Bill hurried to get the top end of the motor apart to see if we could get the car back together for the rest of the day . All the parts were still in the top end so as long as we could find 2 push rods we were set.

everyone was running crazy to find the parts and we got them. Dan and Bill got the motor put back together in quick time and we were set for practice. (Thank you Bill for all the help)

In both practice sessions  Dan was fast turning a 14.3

For qualifying we took a big swing at the car hoping it would work and it did Dan turned a 14.270 on his first lap and a 14.128 putting him self in 3rd place. (We were all ecstatic We finally put down a good lap.)Fast time was a 14.084 not far off.


For the A heat we made a few little changes. Dan started 2nd row inside. His car was a little lose but Dan still  finished 3rd.


Then the main came and that was a whole different story. Dan's car was a rocket he started back of the pack and he was moving up in position.  He made it to 4th and was working on 3rd but the car got snappy lose. Dan spun to the infield but still keeping it going he got back out in 6th and that is were he finished the night. (Good job Dan)


Dan and Rhonda would like to give a special thanks to Bill for all the help we really appreciate it and hope you continue to come  out.       

The next race is July 2nd we hope to have another solid night of racing and it feels good to have finally turned a corner and put down some good laps                                                .

                                                                       see you all in July.



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