Dan Lowther

#63M "In Front Racing"

July 2 2011

Once again the In Front Motor Sports #63 team sponsored by Fire Snacks, Specialty Paint Works, and  Bud and Tracy had a great weekend. Both practice sessions the car ran good turning a fast lap of 14.3


Just before qualifying we had a little scare, We lost power to the car but it turns out just a wire came off. We got that back on just in time for Dan to Qualify.   

He turned  a 14.231 putting him in 6th place.


Getting ready for the heat race we made few changes to the car it had been running pretty good all day. Dan started on the pole for the A heat and Once again brought home the checkered flag by a few car length.    (Way to go Dan)

The main event was exiting. They call Dan the Punisher for a reason when he needs to be aggressive he is . Dan was on the top of his game last night he showed the young guys some of his veteran moves by moving them out of his way but not spinning them out.


We started 3rd row inside one car was very lose out of the corner it gave Dan the perfect opportunity to put his nose to the door and get the position ,but the guy came down on Dan hitting him in the door it didn't faze us but made the other guy wash up the track. This put Dan in 2nd on about lap 5 Dan was working on 1st but had to lift to keep from pounding him in the rear That opened the door just enough for 2 other cars to sneak by putting us in 4th.


Dan was on the wheel he was working hard on 3rd but didn't get to the outside soon enough because a yellow came out.

The car likes long green flag runs it takes about 5 laps for the car to warm back up so we ran out of laps.

That being said Dan came in with another solid run of 4th at meridian speedway.

It feels great to have another good run and knowing we got the car that much better. ( we can taste a win)


We want to give a special thanks to Pat Tully for the help last night. We really appreciate it. Also thanks for the help Bill hope the arm gets better soon :)


 Our next race is July 23rd hope to have all our Fans and friends out cheering us on.

                                                                                                             See you then


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