Dan Lowther

#63M "In Front Racing"

August 6 2011

The In Front Motor Sports # 63 sponsored by Fire Snacks, Specialty Paint Works, and Bud Had a great weekend at Magic Valley Speedway in Twin Falls.

 It started out with the carburetor running bad and the set up was off in the first practice. The second practice we borrowed a carburetor to see if it would run better and it did, but we didn't have time to mess with the set up on the car. While getting ready for the first main we made big changes to the set up hoping it would be good.

The first main we missed the set up bad the car was very loose off the exit of the corner so Dan couldn't get on the gas when he wanted to. We ended up finishing 6th.

Getting ready for the second main we all put our heads together to come up with a good set up. We made even bigger changes to the car (keeping our fingers crossed). 

  Words can not say how exiting the main ended up being for us. 

For the second main we started on the pole. The green flag came out and Dan was on the gas only a few laps in he was 5 car lengths ahead then a yellow came out. Dan was mad he came on the radio and you could hear he did not want that yellow. second green flag Dan was gone he pulled away by  15 cars or better. On about lap 15 two cars got together and brought out the second yellow  and once again I had to hear him on the radio upset and exited all at the same time he even said "this was the most fun hes had in a while". 

For the 3rd green flag the 24 car starting outside of us was fast he had won the last 3 races and we were trying to change that. With the green flag out Dan was still in the lead he pulled away from the 24 by 1 car length  but second was still working hard. Him and Dan changed places 5 or 6 times before he finally got Dan with 10 laps to go then a yellow came out giving  Dan the lead back. Taking the cone Dan went low 24 went high and the green flag came out again and they were both on the gas it was a fun battle for a few laps then the 24 finally passed Dan and gave another car a good opportunity to get by at the same time putting Dan in 3rd. 1 lap later another car spun bringing out the final yellow. While taking the cone Dan was going low which would have put him in 3rd but at the last second the car in front of him decided  to go low also giving 4th place the second position. If Dan would have went high he would have been in second instead he was 5th.

After the final green flag Dan made his way around 1 car taking the checkered flag in 4th place.

Once in the pits our crew was on cloud 9 at how much fun the race was. "I have to say that was the most fun I have had at being his spotter and hope we can have many more races like that even thou we didn't win it was still amazing watching him drive the best he could Great job babe".

Dan and I both want to give a huge thank you to our sponsor Bud with out you we wouldn't have been here to have this much fun and Bill thank you so much for being a big part of our crew.  Our next race is August 20th at meridian speedway hope to see everyone out there cheering us on.        see u soon    Rhonda


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