Dan Lowther

#63M "In Front Racing"

Welcome to the 2012 Season

OK..Here we go with the 2012 Racing Season!!

Auto racing is an expensive sport. The monetary return for local racers is minimal.

At best, the money they make racing may pay for some gas and a tire or two.

The rest of the money required to compete and provide you with a night's racing entertainment has to come straight out of the drivers pocket.

With the economy the way it is right now, it is becoming increasingly harder and harder for a driver to justify spending the money required to keep the car on the track.

The costs to a driver ranges between $6,000.00 and $12,000.00 just for entrance fees, upkeep and repairs Per YEAR.  The costs for other classes is as much and in some cases more (Super Modifieds for example).

You Can Help...

If you own a business you can sponsor your favorite driver and get some bang for your advertising buck.

You are GUARANTEED your intended audience will see it..

Car racing is a well attended spectator sport that is growing in popularity each season.

Many, if not most, of the fans attending these races are family groups enjoying the show together.

Your advertising / sponsorship message is seen and heard.  Sponsors are announced over the loudspeakers for each car in each class at the beginning or EVERY race and is heard by thousands of fans per week! 

Your logo is on display every time the car is on the track.

Fans come to the pit area after each race to look the cars over, talk to the drivers and get driver autographs. This is an excellent time for your business to present them with handouts or other promotional materials.

Your name and logo on the car is an excellent opportunity to show these fans that you support their favorite sport.

If you don't own a business, you too can keep your favorite sport in the fast lane.

Click the "Donate" button on the left and chip in a couple of bucks.

Anything you can contribute helps and would be greatly appreciated.

Cheering for different driver?  That's OK.  THEY can use the sponsorship help just as much as Dan.

Without other cars on the track it would be just a couple of guys/gals going around in a circle for a Saturday night drive.

Everyone at the track came for the RACING!




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