Dan Lowther

#63M "In Front Racing"

April 30th update

The Infront motorsports #63 sponsored by Specialty Paintworks had and interesting night. It started when loading the car at home it had a terrible shake. So after getting to the track they pulled the transmission out everything looked normal. We did a few practice laps to see how the car would do after putting it back together. Still had a little shake (but not bad)  Dan Qualified 5th out of 11.


While getting ready for the heat race the car would not start do to starter issues,  So in a hurry we had to get a push start which bent the fenders up but even after all the hurrying and issues we  had a good finish of 3rd.

 After the heat there was lots to be done on the #63 car in the heat race it got a little warm (Not  good)

but After getting a new starter in and thinking the over heating was cured we were ready for the 30 lap main event.


We started 2 row inside things we going good till lap 4 or so another car came down on the right side  which ripped up the door( Need New Door) but didn't cause a yellow. Through the whole race Dan watch the water temp afraid it was going to  over heat and sure enough with 10 laps to go running in 4th the water temp got to 230 before he got to our pit it was 270 (very hot) we got it cooled down in a hurry with the fan and water bottles. 


After summing  up the damage for the night the new parts list goes as follows we need a new starter, new door, new radiator and fan, and still have to find the shaking problem.

 Even with all the issues we had a fun night and want to thank all the friends and family for coming out to watch. The next race is May 14th and we hope to have a good solid night of racing and fun.



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